Friday, April 2, 2010

Salt Mine in Salzburg

What, already one month since my last post? Better hurry before my next trip comes along.

Anyway, after our lunch in the old town of Salzburg, we visited an old salt mine just outside Salzburg, near the border with Germany. In fact when we were down in the tunnel somewhere, we were at the border underground; we were in Austria one moment and the next we were in Germany when we crossed the border. In fact we had one leg in Germany and the other leg in Austria while walking!

Before entering the saltmine, we put on protective clothing so we looked like some mad scientist in their lab gear. The visit was very interesting and we even crossed an underground lake in a boat. The most interesting and frightening part was when we had to slide down a wooden beam from one part of the mine shaft to another maybe at 45 degree angle. It gets literally hot in the pants on our way down!

After this, we took a leisurely drive into the countryside for some alpine scenery. Even though it was already summer, there were still some snow on top of some of the mountains that we passed by.

Finally we stopped near a lake (it is Lake Wolfgand and the village is St. Gilgen if I am not mistaken) for some scenic photos before driving back to Salzberg for our dinner.

Ronald Kwok

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