Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Night in Vienna

My trip to Eastern Europe began and ended in Vienna. This was my first package tour trip and I went together with my wife and my son. I have been to Vienna before but that was in the early 70's when I was a student in UK and went as a back-packer. So I have come back as a real tourist.

We landed in the late evening at the Vienna Airport and we checked into the Austria Hotel Bock, part of the Trend Hotel chain in Austria. This hotel is located in the suburbs of Vienna in a park area and so is quite secluded and the coach driver had difficulty finding the place as he was also not familiar with Vienna as he was a Slovakian. The surrounding was very pleasant with plenty of greens and a lake withing the compound.

As dinner was not included, we had to look for our own food and it was a good thing that there was a McDonald near by. So the first western meal on our European trip was there at McDonald and luckily they have items different from those back home.

Outside the hotel, it's not my car!

Some chalet style rooms, only open in summer.

The peaceful lake from my room.

After the meal, we went straight to bed for a good night's rest as it was rather chilly outside. It was good that we could rest for the night and acclimatise before we start our tour the next day.

Ronald Kwok