Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bratislava, Slovakia

The hotel we stayed in Budapest is Hotel Europa which is a bit out of town. It is more like an apartment since the unit my family occupied has two rooms complete with a kitchen complete with cooking facilities. If you are really into self-catering holidays, check out the link as it has list of self catering cottages, self catering holidays and self catering villas from over 4,000 destinations.

After a good night's rest in Hotel Europa, we were on the road again the next morning. We were on our way to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Along the way we made a rest stop where there was this colourful shop selling a lot of pickles and dried products, presumably from the nearby farms.

After crossing the Danube river, we arrived at Bratislava and the first landmark was the Bratislava castle that was atop a hill and thus can be seen miles away.

Before we explore the city we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant which was a bit out of town but it had a beautiful entrance.

After satisfying our stomachs, we went on a walking tour of the old city. Below is another of the city's landmark, St.Michael's gate and tower.

The centre is not very big and since most of it was traffic-free, we explored the streets on foot.

There were many interesting statues appearing from windows in the buildings and also on the street.

Inside of a church.

The palace is another popular tourist spot.

The Slovak national theatre.

The Slovak Philharmonic is another fine building nearby.
From here we continued our journey to Prague. We had dinner in Prague before we checked into Hotel Vienna which was located in a residential area.

Ronald Kwok

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